Manual physiotherapeutic techniques include massage, myofascial release , passive joint range of motion and passive stretching.



Effects of massage include:

  • Relieve muscular pain

  • Stretch tissue adhesions, increasing tissue flexibility and extensibility, therefore improving tissue tensile strength, function and joint range of motion

  • Enhance muscle repair 

  • Improve scar tissue

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Reduce muscle spasm

  • Increase muscle suppleness

  • Reduce oedema and swelling

  • Restore function of neuromuscular junctions

  • Improve muscle performance, endurance and recovery

  • Increase stride length



Effects of range of motion include:​

  • Increase flexibility

  • Decrease pain

  • Prevent adhesions between soft tissue and bones

  • Remodel periarticular fibrosis

  • Improve muscle and soft tissue extensibility

  • Maintain muscle mass

  • Help minimise the long-term effects of disuse or immobilisation 

  • Help prevent further injury to joints, muscles and tendons

  • Improve synovial fluid production and diffusion

  • Help promote correct collagen alignment in recovery



Effects of Passive Stretching include:

  • Decrease muscle contracture

  • Decrease muscle adhesions

  • Prevent tissue shortening

  • Reduce muscle hypertonicity

  • Loosen tight muscles

  • Improve relaxation of muscles

  • Increase flexibility of muscle and tendon

  • Re-educate muscle fibres and joints, treat injuries, address muscle tension and imbalance

  • Mobilise restricted joints and improve joint ROM

  • Increase stride length

  • Improve postural balance

  • Reduce exercise related muscle soreness.

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