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Veterinary physiotherapy is a science based profession, which takes a holistic approach to each patient, by performing a thorough clinical history taking, examination and functional assessment to guide the choice of an optimal treatment plan. 


Laura is highly skilled in a variety of different treatment techniques. After assessment, typically a combination of the following techniques are used to help any problems identified:  massage, myofascial release, joint mobilisations or manipulations,  stretches, electrotherapies and remedial exercise. 


Veterinary physiotherapy can be used alongside veterinary care to help the treatment or long-term management of many musculoskeletal or neurological conditions and injuries. It can assist rehabilitation of the animal, with the aims of reducing pain, improving movement, and restoring normal muscle control and function.


Veterinary physiotherapy may also be used for performance development of the animal athlete, helping to reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery post-competition, whilst maximising the athletic performance of sporting or working animals. 

Laura strives to deliver the highest standard of veterinary physiotherapy care to both equine and canine patients by linking a strong foundation of scientific knowledge with clinical practice and keeping up to date with recent advances in scientific research. 

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Fully Qualified and Insured

Laura Burnham is a fully qualified to post-graduate level veterinary physiotherapist and a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists.

Mobile Service

Physiotherapy treatments take place in the animals home environment to ensure that the session is as comfortable and relaxed for your animal as possible. 

Treatment of Equine & Canine Patients

Laura provides veterinary physiotherapy care for all sectors of the equine market including racing, stud, sport and leisure equine patients. Laura also provides veterinary physiotherapy care for gundogs.

Flexible Appointment Hours

Laura offers appointments early in the morning, in the evenings and at weekends.

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